Commercial Law - MBP
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We answer the questions behind a decision.


The Commercial Law area mainly acts in the following fields: Corporate Law, Commercial Contracts and Restructuring Measures (M&A).

  • Corporate Law. Our firm advises as a secretary of the board of directors or as an advisor to the directors or the board of partners. In this procedure, there are a following of documents that are elaborated, such as articles of associations, capital increases, and any type of by-laws modification. We also advise on business issues such as on agreements between partners, accusations, and any other document of corporate management.

  • Commercial Contracts. We advise our clients on the elaboration and negotiation of contracts with their clients and suppliers, such as buying and selling, supplying products, provision of all kinds of services, and any other similar services.

  • Business Restructuring Measures (M&A). We elaborate agreements such as those of fusion, demerger, division, exchange of security, and contribution of assets and branch of activity, and focus as well on the elaboration, advising, negotiation and signature of all the documents and agreements that are needed to develop a business restructure.

  • Advising and global follow-up to entrepreneurs, crowdfunding businesses, seed-phase businesses, Business Angels, and venture-capital businesses, on both the development of their activities as on the implementation of investments.