Tax Law - MBP
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We help to make relevant decisions that motivate deals.


The Tax Law Area mainly acts in the following fields: Corporate Taxation, International Taxation, Restructuring Measures (M&A), and Advising in Tax Requirements and Inspections.

  • Corporate Taxation. We advise to Spanish firms, entrerpreneurs and freelance workers on day-to-day tax aspects of corporate income taxation, personal income taxes, wealth taxes, gifts and inheritance taxes, indirect taxation (Value Added Tax and Transfers Taxes), and other taxes like Stamp Duty tax, capital tax and local taxes (IBI, IIVTNU, ICIO, etc.).

  • International Taxation. The advise for clients includes international components in its investments. Our work consists in informing and giving advice on the tax implications that derive from the investment and disinvestment in any asset in Spain.

  • Restructuring Measures (M&A). We advise our clients on M&A measures to offer them legal protection. We are in contact with the Dirección General de Tributos (Spanish Tax Authorities) with the purpose of getting the most favorable answers to tax rulings. We also emit legal opinions that inform about the financial costs in any kind of tax in these kinds of measures.

  • Family Protocol. We advise on family protocol, wills/testaments, and shareholders agreements by analyzing the access and significance on the family business’ benefits (exemptions in paying Wealth Taxes and important discounts in Inheritance and Gift Taxes).

  • Advising in Tax Requirements and Inspections. We advise on best strategies and represent our clients in the Spanish State, Autonomic, and Local Tax Authorities about both Tax Administration and Inspections.

  • Administrative-Litigation Procedure Law in Taxation.